Piano Lessons

The piano is an awesome instrument! The 88 keys have fascinated people for centuries. In fact it's called the King of instruments. This stand alone instrument can literally play any type of music. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Country, you name it. Plus the piano keys lay the groundwork for understanding music.

Guitar Lessons

Why does everyone love the Guitar? Because it's super cool. This versatile instrument goes everywhere and plays everything. It's especially great if you love to sing or want to play in a band. But you can play Classical music and Jazz too. Electric, Acoustic, Steel or Nylon the possibilities are endless.

Violin Lessons

What is sweeter than the sound of a well played violin? The level of expressiveness of which this instrument is capable is unmatched. The violin establishes the musical ear like no other instrument. The joy of playing in an orchestra or ensemble can not be matched.

Voice Lessons

The human voice was the very first instrument and all other instruments seek to imitate it. Unleash your singing potential and learn to protect your voice so that you will be able to sing beautifully forever.



The Ukulele (or Uke) is exploding in popularity right now. Made popular again by songs like "Over the Rainbow" by Isreal Kamakakwiwio'ole and the theme to the hit show "Bob's Burgers", everyone is wanting to pick up this whimsical little instrument. And why not? The Uke is inexpensive to buy, easy to learn and the perfect segue to the guitar.




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